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Purchase Tips .

Q: Where does the brand originate from? Local or abroad? Does the company provide custom-made service?Can the covers be replaced, if yes, how long does the process take and how much does it cost? How long will a model be available or will it be discontinued? If the production of a particular model is discontinued, can the cover be reproduced? 
Answer: Mavis is a local brand; the advantage of being a local company is that our furniture can be custom-made and we can replace the covers when necessary. The replacement process takes 10 days, we only charge a minimal amount for workmanship and fabric costs (about 40% to 60% of the price of the item, depending on the choice of fabric). Our models are always available, even if production stops we can still make new ones based on the desired models. Buying from a foreign brand may lead to some issues and they are normally unable to provide extra covers.
Q: How to determine the true source of Mavis products?
Answer: Mavis is a sofa manufacturing & always provides technical skill which you can study in the website. You are welcome to visit and get the inspiration on your custom sofa.
Q: How many dealers carry the brand in the market currently? Will there be someone to provide after-sale service if the furniture shop from which customers buy your products closes down?
Answer: We have more than 200 dealers nationwide. If one of them wound up, the other dealers will continue providing after-sale service.
Q: When you purchase a fabric sofa settee, would you obtain the fabric and frame from the same supplier? This is important in the interest of the customer in order to prevent dispute. Fabrics have their own characteristics and should be handled with skills hands. If the fabric is not from same source, the manufacturer may not have enough knowledge to handle it.
Answer: We are manufactures who can deliver quality product. Customer can choose favorite from our wide range of 300 colours fabric and materials, all you have to do is to make your choice of sofa design.
Q: How long is the duration of warranty & how are the conditions for warranty? Answer: Warranty is only applied to entire Malaysia.
@ Lifetime warranty to Wooden Frames & Exposed Frame against splitting, cracking and breakage (does not cover improper care, abnormal use, unauthorized alterations and accidents)
@ 5 years warranty to seat foam against loss of resilience under normal household condition.
@ 1 year warranty to fabrics against defective materials and workmanship under normal care and use. (only apply to fabric furniture)
Q: Can anyone provide help if customers face problem in removing or installing the covers?
Answer: Yes, we will send our professionals to deal with that and we only charge a small sum for transport allowance.
Q: Will advices be provided should customers intend to mix and match the furniture they bought?
Answer: We can provide advice on how to mix and match the pieces, and we have a partner in interior design to provide the assistance.
Q: What is the rub test result of your fabric?
Answer: Our fabric rub test is from a minimum of 15,000 to 100,000.
Q: How to determine the original product?
Answer: Mavis logo always sewed at the sofa and the logo printed at fabric swatch & the fabric swatch books.